Time to take a break from sewing this week and get to all the gardening and other out door chores that needed attending to.  The weather was cooperating by being warm (not hot), sunny and with low humidity.  Weeds were pulled, bark mulch was applied and the rest of that planting was completed in the vegetable garden. 

Since today it is rainy with the tail end of a tropical storm moving through New England , time to get back to sewing so I made a unisex apron and 2 matching hot pads from this wonderful Kopepelli fabric I had in my stash.  My thinking was that it would make a really nice Father's Day gift to some lucky guy,  I used all the brown batik fabric making the apron so I needed to come up with a fabric that would go with the teal fabric and the kopepelli fabric.  Last year when were were on vacation I checked out all the local fabric stores in the area as I always do and found this delightful fabric in the remnants bid marked down so I of course grabbed it.  It  just happened to be the one that coordinating nicely with the other two fabric so I used it as one of the background fabrics in the hot pads.  I even came up with another idea for a bit of a different design for another hot pad but that will be for another day!