Look what I found!!

I finally did manage to get the sewing room under control yesterday.  I was vacuuming it when my husband showed up for lunch.  My comment to him was "I must be crazy to have a sewing room with carpeting in it."  His response was that he was not especially in love with the carpeting so keep your fingers crossed that some fine rainy day he decides to rip it up and put in some sort of tile, linoleum, floating floor...I am not fussy as long as I can use a swifter on it...YES!  While cleaning up I found where ALL the pens and pencils had gone off too (sewing room floor) and I unearthed a block that I had forgotten about (that might give rise to the question, how often does this person clean the sewing room?)  It was just sitting there waiting to be made into a hot pad.  I managed to control myself until today to make the hot pad and realized, even better, it has a matching apron (see apron gallery, From the Heart)......cool beans! 

After lunch I was feeling refreshed and ready to take on the task of setting up a Facebook page for my business...... www.facebook.com/NewEnglandFiberArts  I need to now get 30 people to "like" it.  Time to spread the word.  Since I was on a roll I even posted some pictures on it.

Tomorrow I will be stripping balsam....the fun NEVER stops!