Harvest Time

This past weekend we went out to the Catskills to visit my Dad. He still lives in my home town of Roxbury, NY.  The trip up into the mountains once we crossed the Hudson was nothing less than spectacular.  The foliage was definably at peak.  Having lived in New England most of my adult life I am somewhat spoiled but to me, the best place in the Northeast to view foliage is in the Catskill Mts.  We attended the memorial service for the father or a very old and dear friend of mine on Sunday  The party to celebrate his live was at the golf club which is one of the most beautiful spots in all of Delaware County.  We returned on Monday evening and come Tuesday morning I felt inspired by all the beautiful colors I had seen and the wonderful vegetable stands over flowing with pumpkins and gourds and other colorful items.   As I was standing in front of my fabric cubbies, my eyes fell on these fabric.  I had purchased the navy fabric a few years ago and realized I usually make an apron from it this time of year but had failed to do so.  Time to get to work.  There are a large assortment of fabrics that are in the same collection so once I finished the orange apron I continued on and made a tri-colored apron using some of the coordinating prints......Happy Harvest!