How does one prepare for a hurricane?

By cooking up a storm, of course!.  So far today, mushroom barley soup and also the squash has been roasting in anticipation of stuffing it for dinner.  The idea is to not have to cook all that much for the rest of the week.  If what they are predicting is true, my namesake might leave us without power for the rest of the week so I am making things that we can heat up on the camp stove.  Not much sewing is going to get done today but before I start the afternoons cooking,  I wanted to post the pictures of the rustic sachets and also the holiday balsam pillows and sachets I finished this weekend. Since they look to be the same size once I cropped them, the 6" holiday pillows are on top and the sachets are on the bottom.  Even managed to fit in a visit to the art gallery at Smith College on Sunday, A rather impressive collection.  Well, off to the kitchen.