A slight miscalculation

Today when I started to do the cutting out for the baby blanket, it because clear that I had misread the number of pieces I would need to cut out...it is 80 triangles from the black and 80 kites (10 from each of the 8 fabrics), for a total of 160...YIKES!  To make half the cuts, a strip the length of the triangle is cut out from the black fabric, which is folded in half, then I traced the triangle onto the fabric with this caulk pencil I have and then proceed to cut without unfolding the fabric...wha-la, half the cuts.  The kites are cut in the same way and each side shares a side with the kite next to it (just like the triangles)so that also cuts down the # of cuts.  I have all the triangles done and 2 of the 8 prints.  Only 60 more kites to cut out and then I can start chain stitching one triangle onto each kite.  Better get cutting! 


Woah....your comments about my blog put a real smile on my face AND I am glad you like the template method.  All hand pieced patchwork is done using this method and since that is how I first started quilting, it popped into my mind as a way to get all the kites and triangles cut out uniformly and save a little grief when sewing them together.  The more uniform the cut when machine piecing (since one is maintaining that 1/4" seam allowance) the better the result (hopefully).  Thanks for popping by, reading my blog and posting a comment.  Stop by again when you're in the neighborhood!.

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