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Animal Print Oval coiled Fabric Basket:

What is more fun than an animal print is shades of saffron, ginger, amber, black and white.  This wonderfully textued print is set off by amber and saffron stripes at the rim.  6.5" long at the top, 4.5" across and 1.75" deep. 

Sold $20.00
Bee Hive Pictorial Centerpiece Basket:

This pictorial basket features a bee hive print.  The sides bring in the colors of the print with gray, green, gold and hermite red stripes.  9" across and 2.25" deep.  

Available $40.00
Blue Contrast:

A royal blue print with black, yellow and white serves as the anchor for this fun basket.  The two yellow stripes separated by a black and dot provide lots of contrast and texture.  7" across and 2" deep.  

Available $25.00
, Bright multi-handled Coiled Fabric Basket:

Fun and a bit funky is how I would describe this multi-handles basket.  The green and yellow stripes add a lot of bold color, contract and texture.  The multi black print adds every color of the rainbow.  The openings at the bottom and up the sides add lots of visual appeal and interest (along with making it the perfect unbreakable knitting bowl.  Aprox. 10" across the top and 4.5" deep.

Available $60.00
Bright Stripes:

This delightful multi striped basket with handles has just about every color in the rainbow.  The purple. orange, yellow and teal stripes are bold and colorful.  They are separated by a small white paw print featuring all those colors and more.  it's large size (10.5" across and 3" deep) would make it the perfect centerpiece anywhere a little more organization may be needed (the nursey, your collection or remotes or a colorful fruit basket).  Garanteed to add color and charm to any decore.

Available $60.00
Chili Cook-off:

A white print featuring red and green chili pepers form the bases for this oval basket.  The perfectly coordinating red and green bottom with appears again mid basket as stripes adds lot of color and contract.  It is 7.5" long, 5" across at the top and 2" deep.

Available $25.00
Dot the Eyes:

A lively oval basket starts out with olive then burnt orange and the last stripes are a fun dot print that has eyes peeking out at you with all the shades along with off white and black.  The black stripes that separate the colors add drama and contrast.  7" long 4.75" across and 1.5" deep.

Available $20.00
Dots and Stripes :

This charming basket features a colorful black dot fabric.  Green, blue and orange stripes add contrast and visual interest.  7.5" across the top and 1.5" deep.  

Available $25.00
Green Texture:

This basket with handles features a delightly textured print in shades of evergreen, burgundy and gold on an off white background.  7" across the top and 3" deep.

Available $30.00
Green with Orange :

A light green print with flecks of orange serves as the base for this lively oval basket.  Two dark orange stripes separated by a peach bakit add color and contrast.  6.5" long, 4" across and 1.5" deept.  

Available $20.00
Halloween Candy Basket:

Here is the perfect place for all your Halloween treats.  Four bright stripes in all your favorite fall colors make this 9" across the top  X 3" deep basket a perfect addition to to Fall/Halloween decorating.  

Available $35.00
Inner and Outer Rings:

There's a certain richness and rightness about burnt orange, bright turquoise and dark gold when they appear together.  Especially when they appear along with black.  No wonder I love visiting  the southwest.  This attractive oval basket is 9" long and 6" wide across the top and 3" deep.   

Available $35.00
Let's Get Retro Pictorial Coiled Fabric Basket:

How about a wonderful flower appliqued onto the inside of your basket?  This pictorial basket is a match to the "Let's Go Retro" runner/wall hanging in the quilt gallery.    Perfectly coordinating stripes up the sides set off the design.  8.5" wide across the top and 2" deep.  

Available $30.00
Navaho Oval Bowl:

What is not to like about this basket?  The lively print in shades if red, dark blue, orange, yellow and white on a turquoise background?  The handles?  The wonderful oval shape?  The size (9.5" long, 5.5" wide and 2.5" deep)?  The answer is there is nothing not to like.  A place for detritus or use it as a knitting bowl and thread your yarn through the handles.  What ever you use it for, it will brighten and add a bite of color and delight.  

Available $35.00
Oval Red, Black and White Basket:

A lovely textured black, white and red print form the bases for this oval basket. Red and gray stripes are added to the sides for a bit more drama and color.  10" long, 6.5" across and 2" deep.

Available $35.00
Peacock Blue and Green:

Various shades of peacock blue, teal and olive green come together is this lovely centerpiece basket with handles.  The bottom of the bowl features two contrasting stripes of blue and the outer edge features two tone on two olives greens.  A fabulous peacock blue and olve green print along the sides anchors the two together.  Two handles add a bit of flair and design interest.  Whether you use this as a centerpiece or as intersting wall art, it will add color and charm where ever it appears.  10" across at the handles and 2" deep.  check out the coaster and mat gallery for a matching trivet.

Available $35.00

This oval basket features a colorful pepper print in shades on green, bright gold and red on a black background.  The base starts out with the gold which is then repeated on top on the black print.  It is topped off at the rim with a red pepper print.  7.5" long, 5" wide and 2" deep.  

Sold $25.00
Remote Boat - RED:

Looking for a way to keep track of your remotes?  This coiled rope basket is the perfect place to dock them all!  It can also be used any place you want to keep a bit more "ship shape".  A red strip along the top side and mooring rope adds to the fun nautical theme.  10.5" long, 5" across and 2" deep.  Designed to fit any size remote - large or small. 

Available $25.00
Remote Boat-Blue:

Looking for a way to keep track of your remotes?  This coiled rope basket is the perfect place to dock them all!  It can also be used any place you want to keep a bit more "ship shape".  A blue strip along the top side and mooring rope adds to the fun nautical theme.  10.5" long, 5" across and 2" deep.  Designed to fit any size remote - large or small.  

Available $25.00
Scrappy Red, Black & White:

Black, red and gray scraps pop out of a whilte with black swiss dot basket.  The rim of the bowl is a light gray stripe with a red edge.  7" across and 2" deep.

Available $30.00

This charming oval basket with handles comes to you in a fun textures russet and light ginger print.  The basket handles are finished off in a perfectly coordinated russet.  8" long, 5" across and 2" deep.

Available $25.00
Split Pea Mini Me:

This mini bowl is small in size but huge in charm.  Multiple shades of green come together with a bit of brown and gold and just a splash of deep red.  5" across the top and 1.5" deep.  

Available $15.00
Starry Night pictorial sunshine and shadow basket with handles:

This stunning coiled fabric pictorial basket pays tribute to Vincent VanGohg's most famous painting.  The center of the basket features the church in the painting.  As it works it's way up the sides it has a scrappy feel and to add more depth it has fun playing with sunshire on one side and shadows on the other.  Along the top are two sturdy handles that do a lovely job or framing the work.  10" across the top at the handles and 2.75" deep.  No matter how you choose to use this basket, as a centerpiece, wall ornament or in a place that needs some organization; it will add a sense of artistic flair and color.  

Available $48.00
, Tea Time Coiled Fabric Basket:

This coiled fabric pictorial basket starts out with an appliqued tea cup holding flowers on the bottom of the basket.  The frame around the tea cup is an india blue Swiss dot.  The 3" sides have matching stripes in peach, burnt orange and an indigo blue print (the anchour print).  it is 8.5" across the top.  check out the coaster/mat gallery for the matching trivet.

Available $40.00
Watermelon Coil Fabric Bowl:

This watermelon basket has a green rind base and a red watermelon seed top.  I light green dot separates the two.  7" across the top and 2" deep.   A fun and bright way to add a splash of color to any decor!  

Available $25.00
Welcome to Wine Country:

This stunning pictorial basket has an appliqued wine themed center.  As it works it's way up the sides it features perfectly coordinated stripes brought in from the color pallet of the center,  7" across the top and 1.5" deep.

Available $25.00