A study in Contrasts

Decided to made a bigger bowl and experiment with colors!  Then I decided to send both bowls (the one in the previous blog and this one) back to Ohio with my brother-in-law Ted as gifts for his wife and his daughter.  He flew in this weekend to run a marathon in Rhode Island.  Yeah, I know, isn't there this big huge marathon in Boston like on Monday?? Yeah.  He has run that one several times.  This race was a study in contrasts since there were 77 people in this race vs. the 25,000 running the Boston Marathon.  We drove down there and it was a lovely day and we parked on the street and walked 1/2 a block to the end of the race and there were TWO people there, one with a stop watch!  It is a lovely location, the entire race is run right along the coast.  Needless to say, a COMPLETELY different experience.  He usually finishes in the middle of the pack in Boston  This is a much more, shall we say "refined" group, all finishing in under 4 hours....at least they could have given him a medal like the do in Boston rather than a bottle of water and a patch with the race logo on it.  Yeah, that's the Naragansette  tower in back of him.