It's a small world

No, I haven't taken up weaving. I joined Pinterest a few months ago and I wrote about taking a workshop on how to use it as a tool for my business a few weeks ago.  I was cruising around on Pinterest the other day when low and behold, I see a picture of a very familiar scarf.  Further investigation....yup, that was indeed the scarf that I had commissioned Elisabeth Hill to weave for my daugher's birthday a few years ago.  I pinned the scarf to my accessories board.  Here is the link  I revisited Plain Weave's site to post a comment on Lisa's blog about finding Meagan's scarf on Pinterest and found a picture of the scarf she had made for me in her gallery.  That is the picture I have posted as part of todays blog.  It is called a deflected double weave and is made out of bamboo.  I can't tell you how many compliments I have had on this scarf.  Lisa's web site is beautiful and is a real feast for the   Give it a look!