Stay Strong

I am doing my best today to stay busy and to stay strong.  You can see the post 2 days ago that my brother-in-law, Ted, marathons.  The point of the matter is that he would have been crossing the finish line when the first bomb went off and my husband Tim would have been standing down Boylston as a spectator watching him pass at pretty much the point where bomb # 2 went off but he chose to run in Rhode Island this weekend.  To stay sane I am staying busy.  Since the weather is getting warmer it is time to start processing the Christmas tree.  It dries out faster if we keep it  standing upright out on the porch.  Now it has to be dried the rest of the way in the drying unit and the needles striped.  Today will be stripping day.  To read more abut the processing you can go to that blog entry  Also to stay busy I started making 2 more aprons using the rest of the Peardise fabric.  What more can I say ,the higher powers were looking after my family yesterday.  What a senseless act and lose of life.