Making the Sets

 Took the entire weekend off for the first time in a long sewing.  Since I worked at the Shelbuune Arts Co-op on Friday, that meant I hadn't sewn in 3 days...WOW!  There is nothing pressing as far as my business is concerned so went back to work on the french braid wall hanging.  According to the directions, it was now time to cut out the strips and make the sets, H-T.  These sets will be assembled in various ways making sections that will be attached to the opposite sides of the 9 patch blocks I made last week.  So as not to get things completely balled up, it is VERY important to label all the sets.  The sets are 3 1/2", 4 1/2" or 5 1/2".  I started out with the 5 1/2".  H , I, K & L) are 5 1/2" sets.  What I had left over from those , I trimmed up and made into 4 1/2" sets (Q & R)  The last sets I made were the 3 1/2" ers - S & T. 

Once I got the sets done, it was time to get some exercise.  I am a member of the YMCA.  I try to get there every day but since the weather has gotten nicer, I have been walking more.  I love this since I get to enjoy all the wonderful colors of Spring!  Today as I was walking I realized that the flowers that are out this time of year along with the wonderful blue sky and the green leaves that come out along with the wonderful spring flowers are exactly the colors I am working with on this project.  No wonder I am enjoying working on it!