Daisy Collection

This week, so far has been all about daisies.  The wonderful thing about this collection is that I found all of these fabrics in my stash yes .  How cool is that.  The first item built was a table runner.  I had some fusible fleece left  over from another project so thought I would try it out as the batting for the runner.  I quilted it to the top, fusible side down before I attached the backing.  I then put the right sides together, top and backing, sewed a 1/4" along 3 edges, turned it right side out and then closed it up at the end.  I then proceeded to fuse the fleece to the backing.  I was very pleased with the result.  Next I made a hanging sleeve and attached it to the back at the same time as I top stitched the runner along the edge. Next I machine quilted along the inside border and attached the bottom of the hanging sleeve at the same time...WHALA....finished and with a good result.  

I had plenty of various and sundry blue fabrics so why not make a matching basket with the blue and yellow color combo?  I did 2 or three rounds with each of the blue fabrics and threw in a tone on tone bright yellow as an accent.  Next I made the set of coasters and lastly, the trivet.  This is only the second trivet I have ever made.  I basically used the same pattern of fabrics as I did with the basket but since there isn't that whole tilting to get the side thing and also the whole putting handles on....it was far less time consuming making the trivet.  I decided that 8" across would be a good size and it was a pleasure making it.  

In case you haven't heard, Spring has been a bit delayed here in the northeast and those of us to have a touch of that seasonal disorder, cannot wait for some nice warm sunny days but I have to admit that making this bright and sunny daisy collection gave me a lift!  I am hoping to put this collection in The Daylily, which is my newest vendor.  I definitely made this collection with that shop in mind but if not there, then someplace else.  Since making it lifted my spirits than hopefully someone seeing it in a shop will do the same for them!