Nature's Celebration

Last Friday I got a message on facebook from Rick, who owns the New Salem General Store .  Yes, New Salem (population aprox. 1,000) is indeed the town I live in.  One of his employees had seen my aprons at the Shelburne Artc C-op  and suggested to Rick that they would make a nice addition to the General Store.  Fortunately the store is located on one of the most heavily traveled roads in western Massachusetts, Rt. 202.  He has a nice little business there and it gets plenty of business from the locals and people just passing through.  Not only that, it also doubles as the post office.  Don't ya just love small towns?  So, Rick and I struck a deal and I took my apron tree over there along with an assortment of aprons, balsam AND a few coiled fabric bowls.  This left me a bit short on my apron inventory during the busy tourist season.  This week I have been digging through my stash to come up with some new aprons.  I must admit that several of them reflected the riot of color that is going on outside my door.

Blessed is how I feel that I live in New England this time of year.  Most of my life I have lived in the North East and since I am a total color junkie, Fall is my favorite season  Needless to say I was THRILLED when I dug out this one abstract fabric that had every earth tone imaginable that this time of year has to offer.  Not only that, the large modern print was extremely interesting.  To be honest, I don't even remember when I bought this fabric but OMG....there was enough there for an tricolored apron.  Folded up right next to this wonderful fabric was a perfectly coordinating burnt orange so now I needed the third fabric.....WHOA....a baik...YES. As luck would have it, I even found a batik that looked good with the other two fabrics without having to run off fabric shopping.  I always have a favorite side when I make a reversible apron but this time I can't decide which side I like best.  Part of the fun is figuring out what I will name it when I put it out on my website.  As I was making the apron, I pondered this and realized that the reason I wanted to make this apron is because of the celebration nature is currently putting on.  Problem solved!  And yes, it is now in the apron gallery just waiting to be sold.