Another use of scraps

Since I had made 2 spiral and dot aprons and only one tri-colored apron from the scraps, there was plenty left over for a couple of matching hot pads.  Since the spiral fabric has a more modern feel to it, it harmonies well with this tic tac toe design.  Back when I first started selling my work I only made hot pads with balsam inserts  The discovery of insul-bright changed all that.  Rather than the look and feel of 3 layers of batting for insulation which is what would be needed to made an unscented hot pad,  insul-bright,requires only one layer.  Since Insul-bright reflects heat rather than absorbing it, only one layer is required for proper insulation.   It makes a wonderful, lightweight pot holder/hot pad.. I enjoy coming up with fun designs for the hot pads and it is a WONDERFUl use of scraps and I have found that customers appreciate that some of my apron designs have matching hot pads.  I still make the balsam hot pads but to avoid confusion I stock either the balsam OR the "regular" hot pads in the stores that carry my work.