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Art Deco Cross Body Bag:

This smart looking front zipper cross body purse combines a fun swirl fabric in shades of red, green and yellow on a multi gray background with a red and black geometric print.  The inside is fully lined and features a large back pocket which increases it's storage.  It's extra long nylon shoulder strap makes it easy to carry and it 8" X 10" size will make it your go to purse.

Available $27.00
4 Patch in Bloom:

This stylish runner/wall hanging starts off with a unique large floral print in shades terra cotta, teal and black.  This lovely print is combined in a 4 patch design with a deep teal.  It is then perfectly set off with a dark terra coots tone on tone border.  It is quilted along the seams lines which spill out into the border and then quilted in the border around the patchwork.  13" X 37 1/2" with a hanging sleeve on the black so it can also be used as a wall hanging.  see close up from quilting and fabric detail.  

Available $44.00
, All Our Progress:

A wonderful quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson says it all.   It is magnificently illuminated with a leafy vine in dark red, black and highlighted with metallic gold dots.  This signed archival giclee print comes to you ready to hang with custom matting, framed in mahogoney with glass installed.  All conservation quality materials.  10 1/2" x 13 1/2". 

Available $85.00
Anything Else?:

Send a fun message with this unique balsam sachet that features a whiimsical cat images and the saying "Anything Else?"   An attractive way to bring the lovely scent of balsam into your enviroment.

Available $9.95
Apples Balsam Sachet:

This 4" balsam sachet smells as good as it looks.  A 100% cotton pillow in a fun apple print is filled with aromatic faser fir needles with a looped hanger.  The perfect and attractive way to fill your enviroment with the fresh scent of balsam fir all year round.  Also makes a lovely scented pin cushion.  

Avocado Green:

A lively print featuring avocados sets the stage for this lovely basket.  Light green stripes add a bit more color and contrast.  6" across the top and 1.5" deep.

Available $25.00
Balloons & Dots Reversible Bib:

I bet you have a little someone who would look adorable in this reversible bib.   3 appliqued balloons on a Celtic green background reverse to a lively multi-colored dot on a black background

Sold - One of kind $18.00
Bird Song Balsam Sachet:

A stunning fabric featuring a cardinal and berries with a sheet music background makes this 3.5" X 3.5" sachet a real show stopper.  The perfect way to bring the fresh scent of balsam into your environment!

Available $8.50
Bird Song Runner/Wall Hanging:

This 38" X 14" runner/wall haning features a stunning cardinals with berries and leaves with a sheet music background print.  The inner border is a red and white dot.  The outer border is a green and metallic gold dot.  The back hanging sleeve allows it to do double duty as a wall hanging.  

Sold but can be duplicated $46.00
Blue Contrast:

A royal blue print with black, yellow and white serves as the anchor for this fun basket.  The two yellow stripes separated by a black and dot provide lots of contrast and texture.  7" across and 2" deep.  

Available $25.00
Blue Lagoon:

This 15" X 42"quilt as you go table runner features a progression of 21 different batiks.  If has a hanging sleeve on the back so if you would like to use it as a wall hanging, no problem.   

Sold but can be duplicated $60.00

Who doesn't love blueberries?  A delightfully textured print that mimics blueberries comes to you in shades of blueberry, green and aqua.   Indigo stripes at the botton and the top along with aqua at the top add a bit of contrast.  8.5" across the top and 2" deep.

Available $35.00
Blueberries mini basket:

Who doesn't love blueberries?  A wonderfully textured print that mimics blueberries makes the mini me bowl a delight.  2 indigo blue stripes separated by an aqua stripe at the top adds contrast and interst.  5" across the top and 1.5" deep.

Available $15.00
Boston Red Sox Balsam Pillow:

This 6" balsam pillow is the perfect way to show your team spirit and also bring the fresh scent of balsam into your home or vehicle all year long. Sox logo on one side and big B logo on the flip side.    small print:  This item is not associated with MLB or its products.

Available $12.95
Botanical Dreams Cross Body Bag:

This smart looking front zipper cross body purse starts out with a sage green Kaffee Fassett print with a  matching irridecent fabric that picks up the colors in the botanical print, along the top.  The inside is fully lined and features a large back pocket which increases it's storage.  It's extra long nylon shoulder strap makes it easy to carry and it's size, 8" X 10", makes it the perfect run around size.   

Sold $27.00
, Bright multi-handled Coiled Fabric Basket:

Fun and a bit funky is how I would describe this one of a kind multi-handles basket.  The green and yellow stripes add a lot of bold color, contract and texture.  The multi black print adds every color of the rainbow.  The openings at the bottom and up the sides add lots of visual appeal and interest (along with making it the perfect unbreakable knitting bowl.  Aprox. 10" across the top and 4.5" deep.

Available $60.00
Bugging Out:

I bet you know a little someone who would look adorable in this reversible bib.  I bright and cheery yellow print with whimisical bugs reverses to a red print with white hearts.  

Available $15.00
Bugging Out Reversible Baby Bib $15.00

This stunning pictorial centerpiece basket starts out with a pair of cardinals.  The cardinals are framed by a candy cane red stripe.  The sides layer a holly and berries print folloew by a perfectly coordinating green.  The rim is the lstunning cardinal print.  Did I mention the cardinal print has a bit of metallic gold in it to made it shimmer a bit?  9.5 inches across the top and 2" deep.  This lovely basket would also look fabulous hung on a wall.   

Available $40.00
Celestial Dreams:

This 8" X 10"  front zip cross body bag features the rare and out of pint "Celestial Dreams" by Laurel Burch.  It is fully lined, has an extra large back pocket and an extra long nylon strap.  Weather you are going to work or back to school, this bag will have you doing it in style.

Available $30.00
CO-Light Blue Floral:

This lovely pair of coasters features a subtle floral print in shades of dark blue, rose, green and yellow on a light blue background.

Available $12.00
Coastal Light Wall Hanging:

This charming one of a kind wall hanging brings an abstract adaption of a coastal sunrise or sunset.  Colorful batiks set the stage for the unique crazy block quilt.  A bright sun is appliqued at the horizon with beams of light quilted into the sky.  24" X 20".

Available $120.00
Coasters - Dark Blue:

This set of 4 coasters are from a lively dark blue print with white, orange, green, black and gold highlight.  Lots of color and contrast!

Sold but can be duplicated $24.00
Coasters-Avocado Green:

A dark green avocado print teams up with a perfectly coordinating light green dot for this lovely set of coasters.

Available $12.00

Festive is the only was to describe this pair of coasters that features a colorful red print

Sold but can be duplicated $12.00
Coasters-Fun Floral:

This stunning set of coasters starts out with a lime green center which is surrounded by a peacock and green batik.  The outter border is a perfectly coordinating fun floral on a white background.  

Available $12.00

Two coordinating prints come together for this colorful pair of coasters.  Appliqued hearts are rimmed with the coordinating fabric in shades of aqua, pink  and dark fuchsia.  

Available $12.00
Coasters-Paint Splotches:

This colorful pair of coasters features 2 different batiks that mimic paint splotches; one light and the dark one along the edge.

Available $12.00
Coasters-The Plaids Have It.:

An off white green and dark peach plaid is surrounded by a soft green and off white plaid.  These absorbent coasters would make the perfect hostess or secret Santa gifts.  

Sold but can be duplicated $12.00
, Country Mini Sampler:

If you are a fan of hand quilting than this is one of a kind quilt is for you!  This sweet little mini sampler features 9 different 4 1/2" blocks in lovely country colors of off white, cranberry, a delicate green calico and a slate blue.  The mini blocks are perfectly set off by a dark green inner border and patchwork sashing with pinwheel cornerstones.  This piece is then finished off with a patchwork scrappy outer border which brings all the fabrics from the blocks back into play.  This beautifully hand crafted 28 1/2" sq. wall hanging is indeed hand quilted.  Check out the closeup photo for fabric and quilting detail.  

Available $150.00
, Distand Drummer:

One of Thoreau's most popular saying has come alive in this lovely piece of illuminated calligraphy.   This archival giclee print has been custom matted, framed in manogony with the glass installed; all ready to be hung!  Conservation materals used.  12.5" x 15.25.  

Dots and Stripes :

This charming basket features a colorful black dot fabric.  Green, blue and orange stripes add contrast and visual interest.  7.5" across the top and 1.5" deep.  

Available $25.00
Earthy Balance Trivet:

This charming 8 1/2" trivet is the perfect and decorative way to protect your surfaces from hot items.  



9 fan blocks come together in an interest patteran to make this one of a kind 24" wall hanging fantiastic.  Several different oriental prints with metallic gold give it it's scrappy look.  A white background and indigo blue points give this quilt even more contrast.  metallic gold thread was used for the quilting.  24" x 24"

Sold - One of kind $175.00


Let your Dad know how you feel about him with this beautiful poem that has been attractively illuminated with vines and flowers streaming from a red heart.  This signed archival giclee print has been custom matted and framed in oak with the glass installed using conservation qualty materials.  12.5" X 15.5"- ready to hang!

Available $85.00
Floral Checkbook Cover:

Brighten up bill paying with this floral print check book cover.  Elastic closure keeps things secure!

Sold but can be duplicated $25.00
Flower Garden Check Book Cover:

This wonderful check book cover will makes even paying your bills more fun!

Available $25.00
Flower Power:

A small print with  flowers in shades of pecock blue and green on a black background take enter stage for this bright color block apron,  It reverses to the lovely light peacock and lime green triangular print which is both subtle and colorful.  The black print is added to the top of the peacock blue pocket on this side for a bit more contrast and interest.  

Sold - One of kind $44.00

A bet you know a little someone who would look adorable in this bib.  One side features a small scale gray and white mushroom print.  It reverses to a cute print with peach foxes on a gray background.

Available $20.00
Fringed Flower Table Runner:

This stunning patchwork quilted table runner combines a lovely fringed flower floral with turquoise and tangerine.  100% cotton - 37" X 12".

Available $40.00
, From the Union of the Spirit:

This lovely Shaker saying that comes from The Union of the Spirit dances around in a circle that surrounds pink and yellow tulips.  Attractively matted in a round cut out and custom framed in oak. This signed archival giclee print comes ready to hang -  12" x 12".

Available $75.00
Fruit Pictorial Coiled Fabric Basket:

This lovely pictorial basket has an appliqued 

Fuchsia and Yellow:

 I am sure you know someone who would look adorable in this one of a kind reversible bib. A plaid fuchisa and yellow fabric gets teamed up with a tone on tone yellow print.  It reverses to small star bursts with lime green bubbles on a yellow and orange background. 

Available $15.00

If you like (or collect) gnomes than this is the sachet for you.  This sweet little sachet is the perfect way to bring the fresh scent of balsam into to home or vehicle.

Available $8.50
Gone Fishing:

This fun sachet,  woud not only make the perfect ornament/gift for a fisherman but also has has an outdoorsie them.  Part of my North Quabbin collection.

Available $8.50
Green with Orange :

A light green print with flecks of orange serves as the base for this lively one of a kind oval basket.  Two dark orange stripes separated by a peach bakit add color and contrast.  6.5" long, 4" across and 1.5" deept.  

Available $20.00
Green, Purple and Blue Reversible Baby Bib:

I am sure you know a little someone who would look adorable in this bib.  A light purple swirl is combined with a fun bright green print with large colorful dots.  It reverses to a bright royal blue small floral print.  

Available $15.00
Harry Potter Hedwig Balsam Pillow:

The vintage fabric used in this 6" balsam pillow is from the first Happy Potter fabric collection realeased in 2001.  A true collectors item. This Hedwig pillow has swirls of sparkle in the background.  This speciality pillow is by special order only.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

Holiday Lights:

I bet your know somwone who would look adorable in this reversible bib.  One side is a combination of a holiday print featuring lights on the top and a perfectly coordination blue snowflake tone on tone print with a bit of soilver sparkle on the bottom of the bib.  It reverses to a red print with small metalic gold dots with an appliqued heart featuring the holiday light print.  

Available $15.00
HP-Rolling Dice:

Primary colors join forces with a black and a white dot it this high contrast  hot pad.  A crazy quilt center is then set off by a black a white combined border.  Modern, fun and sassy!

Available $15.00