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Crazy Heart Wall Hanging :

This 11" x 11" wall hanging is full of charm.  An appliqued heart sits of a crazy quilt block This lovely block is set off my dark purple and multi colored batik borders.   Embroidery & quilting add visual interst and even more charm.  

Sold but can be duplicated $48.00
Aboriginal Sunshine and Shadow:

A plethora of Australian prints makes this mini (15" x 21") wall hanging a real show stopper.  Guaranteed to brighten up any room you might put it in.

Available $45.00
Coastal Light Wall Hanging:

This charming wall hanging brings an abstract adaption of a coastal sunrise or sunset.  Colorful batiks set the stage for the unique crazy block quilt.  A bright sun is appliqued at the horizon with beams of light quilted into the sky.  24" X 20".

Available $120.00
, , Embracing Horses patchwork quilted wallhaning:

This powerful 33" X 28 3/4" wall hanging features many of the fabrics from the Laurel Burch collection, "Embracing Horses."   A wonderful panel rich in detail is set off by a a multi - fabric block border on the sides and running horses along the top and bottom.  The quilting detail starts out with "stippling" in the panel background to better set off the horses, which have been outlined quilted with metallic gold and gray/black variegated threads, which also appears in the mane and tails.  The patchwork borders are quilted with the same gray/black variegated thread..  An earth toned variegated thread was used for the face and body details along with gold metallic thread.  This wonderful collection is fast on it's way to becoming a collector's items just like Laurel Burch's other fabulous collections.  

Available $195.00
Geometric Tic Tac Toe Runner/WAll Hanging:

This modern geometric runner/wall hanging has it all going on.  Wonderful tic tac toe blocks combine a terrific swirl fabric with a bold red with large dot s print.  The black and white cross bars make this a fun and interesting mix.  Nicely quilted with a lovely embroidered binding. 

Available $52.00

A colorful floral print in shades of blue, green and purple with a white background is the bases of the lovely runner/wall hanging.  It is them combined with perfectly coordinating fabrics in deeper hues of the same colors for an overall experience of contrast and color.  This pattern, know as disappearing 9 patch has been quilted along the darker frames using a variegated blue thread.  It is 14" wide and 42" long and has a hanging sleeve on the back to give it multiple uses as either a wall hanging or a splash of color on a table. 

Available $70.00
, Modern Deco Runner/Wall Hanging:

A lovely large print takes center stage in shades of red, navy and off white with a bit of metallic gold on a turquoise background .  This modern deco print is then surrounded with a navy inner border and a red outer border.  A metallic gold thread is used for the quilting ,  The close-up shows the quilting detail.  A hanging sleeve on the back allows this charming quilt to do double duty as a wall hanging or can be used as a runner.  13.5" X 39".

Sold but can be duplicated $40.00
Nature's Helix:

This quilted patchwork scrap quilt is a new twist on the French Braid.  A blue and green background is the perfectly combination for the orange and yellow scrappy helix design. It will make the perfect table runner for that extra long table or a dramatic wall hanging.  66" long, 15 1/2" wide.

Available $195.00
On the Santa Fe Trail:

Need a splash of color someplace?  Than this 24" x 24" patchwork quilted wall hanging  is for you.  It combines a wonderful earthy gold batik with an orange print.  They are then set off by a subtle black triangular print which are all reminiscent of the southwest.  

Available $120.00
Oriental Garden Table Runner:

Got an extra large table? Than this is the runner for you.  It is a generous 17-1/2 "  X 42". Three blocks on point - the top and bottom are a deep burgundy and the center one, a dark purple, each with a gold background.  The border is an attractive oriental floral print that highlights all the colors in the blocks..  It is quilted in the ditch along the edge of the blocks and the border..  Guaranteed to dress up any table or surface that is crying out for splash of color and a bit of class.

Sold - One of kind $75.00
, Pears :

A colorful pear themed fabric is the center of attention in the lovely runner/wall hanging.  It is paired (no pun intended) with a perfectly coordinating orange batik and a lively lime fabric.  A narrow dark brown inner border adds a bit on contrast to the mix.  It is aprox. 40" wide and 13 1/2" long and guaranteed to add a splash of color where ever it resides.  Check out it's matching apron

Available $45.00
Sailing - Patchwork Quilted Wall Hanging:

This wonderful 35" X 42" scrappy wall hanging is reminiscent of a day on the water. A black and white sail boat floats on a sea of 60 degree triangles in shades of mostly blues, greens and purples.  The quilting mimics the undulation of the waves.  A black border frames this lovely piece.  

Available $245.00
, Shades of Blue and Green:

This beautiful runner/wall hanging in shades of blue and green is the perfect way to add a bit of color to any room .  The lovely leaf print is combined with a multi-green batik.  A dark teal adds a bit of drama and contrast.  33" long and 12" wide in a Seminole border design.  Lined with cotton batting and there is a hanging sleeve on the back so it can do double duty as a wall hanging.  It has a matching bowl and set of coasters at and you can find the matching bowl at .

Available $40.00
, Sun Dancers:

This wonderful 17" x 42" quilt as you go runner/wall hanging is alive with western charm.  Perfect coordinating multi-colored stripes set the field for this eye catching horse themed fabric.  One does not need to be a equestrian enthusiast to love this piece.

Sold but can be duplicated $85.00
The Enneagram:

This visual representation of the octave uses the spectrum to give the design color and depth.  Size - 20" X 20".

Sold but can be duplicated $95.00
The Stars and the Moon:

This oversized baby quilt features a crazy quilt border, patchwork, applique, and machine quilting to make it extra studry.  Your little one will be craddled in 100% cotton.  If you would prefer to use it as a wallhanging, there is a hanging sleeve on the back!

Sold but can be duplicated $195.00
To Porto with Love:

 If you love yellow and blue, this 12 3/4" X 36" quilt as you go runner/wall hanging is for you. This bright and cheery quilt might remind you of beautiful sunny day in Portugal, and if so, there's a reason, it features the wonderful folk art fabric "To Portugal With Love"  by Sara Watts,  Horizontal stripes is various shades of blue are set off by this fascinating folk art fabric and a few yellow stripes add a bit of POP!  Guaranteed to put a bit of fun and color into your environment.  

Available $48.00
Water Music:

Dozens of 60 degree triangles come together in this patchwork quilted piece.  It is 20" wide and 50" long soit would back the perfect  table runner.  It you would perfect to hang it on a wall, there is a hanging sleeve on the back..  It is quilted in the ditch and also along the sashing and triple echo quilted along the setting triangles.  A truly stunning piece..

Sold - One of kind $85.00