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Bird Song Runner/Wall Hanging:

This 38" X 14" runner/wall haning features a stunning cardinals with berries and leaves with a sheet music background print.  The inner border is a red and white dot.  The outer border is a green and metallic gold dot.  The back hanging sleeve allows it to do double duty as a wall hanging.  

Sold but can be duplicated $46.00
Coastal Light Wall Hanging:

This charming one of a kind wall hanging brings an abstract adaption of a coastal sunrise or sunset.  Colorful batiks set the stage for the unique crazy block quilt.  A bright sun is appliqued at the horizon with beams of light quilted into the sky.  24" X 20".

Available $120.00
, Country Mini Sampler:

If you are a fan of hand quilting than this is one of a kind quilt is for you!  This sweet little mini sampler features 9 different 4 1/2" blocks in lovely country colors of off white, cranberry, a delicate green calico and a slate blue.  The mini blocks are perfectly set off by a dark green inner border and patchwork sashing with pinwheel cornerstones.  This piece is then finished off with a patchwork scrappy outer border which brings all the fabrics from the blocks back into play.  This beautifully hand crafted 28 1/2" sq. wall hanging is indeed hand quilted.  Check out the closeup photo for fabric and quilting detail.  

Available $150.00

9 fan blocks come together in an interest patteran to make this one of a kind 24" wall hanging fantiastic.  Several different oriental prints with metallic gold give it it's scrappy look.  A white background and indigo blue points give this quilt even more contrast.  metallic gold thread was used for the quilting.  24" x 24"

Sold - One of kind $175.00
, Leslie table Runner/Wall Hanging:

This stunning 14.5 X 38" runner/wall hanging starts out with a lovely small floral print in shades of green, red and gold on a black background.  It is bordered by a na red tone on tone print.  The outer border is a lively green metallic green on green print.  It has a hanging sleeve on the back so it can also be used as a wall hanging.  Is closeup for fabric and quilting detail.

Sold but can be duplicated $44.00
Oriental Garden Table Runner/Wall Hanging:

A stunning fabric with just a hint of metallic gold depicts a elegant Oriental garden in shades or dark red, green and lilac of a light gold background.  This one of a kind runner/wallhanging is then framed with a perfectly matching dark red and a tone on tone green is used for the outer border.  See closeup for details of the print and the metallic gold quilting.  A hanging sleve on the back allows it to be used as a wall hanging if you so desire.  

Available $46.00
White Sail wall hanging Sailing - Patchwork Quilted Wall Hanging:

This wonderful 35" X 42" one of a kind scrappy wall hanging is reminiscent of a day on the water. A black and white sail boat floats on a sea of 60 degree triangles in shades of mostly blues, greens and purples.  The quilting mimics the undulation of the waves.  A black border frames this lovely piece.  

Available $245.00
, Sunflowers:

This stunning runner/wallhanging features an attractive sunflower print with just a hint of metalic gold on a pale green background.  The inner border is a textured homre that runs from terra cotta to gold.  The outer border is a perfectly coordinated dark olive batik.  14" wide and 36" long with a hanging sleeve on the back.  

Available $46.00
What's the Point Fabric Collage:

This 12" x 12" one of a kind fabric collage mounted on canvas is alive with an assortment of vibrant batiks.  Hung on point or as a square, it will bring a welcome splash of color to any decor.    

Available $75.00