Fabric bowl

I have this VERY crafty friend, Margaret, who quilts, does counted cross stitch and who also makes fabric bowls.  As soon as I saw pictures of her bowls, I knew I wanted to make them.  New Salem is in northern central Massachusetts and Margaret lives in Allentown, PA so I wasn't gong to be dropping by for a sewing lesson anytime soon  She sent me a link to a tutorial "How to Sew a Fabric Bowl" which was on the CraftStylish web site.  Following directions has never been my strong suit and I could not visualize how to do it.  Fortunately I have a very artistic neighbor, Marie, who really knows her way around a sewing machine.  I asked her to read through the directions and unlike me, she understood them and was willing to help me make my first bowl.  Margaret said it was not necessary to match colors so I went with contrast in the bobbin (black) and matching thread in the top of the machine   Basically it is cotton clothesline wrapped in fabric and then sewn together using a zig-zag stitch.  Photo 1 is the base.  Once the base is the size you want it, you tilt the bowl at an angle and start up the sides.  Part way up the sides, we changed fabrics.  The tutorial suggests a certain diameter rope.  Since New Salem is in the boonies, I went to one of the few places to shop, Walmart, and got the last package of cotton rope they had and it was a bit thinner than the suggested diameter. Because of this, we decided it would be best to make a small bowl.  The second photo is the adding on of the last row and the handle.  Once the bowl was done we realized we should have added a second row onto the top and the handles.  Oh well!  We turned the bowl inside out so that the black thread would be on the inside and the beige thread would be facing out (see photo 3 of bowl upside down).  The final photo is the bowl serving the purpose for which it was intended....holding stuff and looking cute!  Marie and I were VERY pleased with the technic and best of all, we had a TON of fun making it!


Job well done.  I am the Margaret mentioned in Sandy's blog.  So many people tell me they want to make bowls too and Sandy is only the second person that has jumped into the pond and told me.  Okay there may be others out there giving it a try.  Only once did I use Walmart clothesline, when I couldn't  get anywhere else to shop, and it is a bit flat.  Using cotton clothesline with a poly core gives it more umph.  Yes, go at least twice around the handles. and with practice it is easier to get a smooth finish to the end.  Like many projects the start and the finish are the trickiest.  In between it's all fun.  Wrap and sew, wrap and sew.   m

Hi Margaret:

Now that I have made a couple of bowls, I looked at the photos of your bowls....all I can say is I have a long ways to go.  I am looking forward to getting the correct size rope.  My helper Marie thinks she has some thread in storage in her basement which she said I could have so making my practice bowls will be more economical.  BTW, how long have you been making these?  Thanks for your comment!.   

I started making fabric bowls and baskets on the last Saturday of January 2012.  and haven't stopped!  By the end of March 2012 I had more than 30 pieces and started thinking about doing craft/art shows.  It's a lot of fun.

The bowls you sent pictures of were so perfect it is hard to believe you have been doing it for such a short time.   Hope I am able to catch on quickly.  Thanks not only for your commnents but all the suggestions and help you have given about making the bowls.