Market Bag

I started making market bags a couple of years ago.  They came about in the same way as the aprons did.  I could not find a decent apron that wasn't flimsy and looked like it would fall apart the first time I washed it so I made myself one and since I wanted a good quality attractive apron, I assumed other people did also.  

I saw this market bag in a fabric catalog. I liked it because it was quilted AND lined so I knew it would be sturdy. I purchased the kit to make one since the veggie fabric in the kit was ADORABLE.   With careful cutting, I managed to get two bags, not one, out of the fabric in the kit.  That second bag found a home last week so it was time to make another bag, this time out of chili pepper fabric.  I love the way this bag is designed and put together.  It has 4 outside pockets and extra long handles. I take my bag everywhere's with me  Lots of room when I am on any sort of shopping trip and It is perfect for when I am transporting my merchandise to the stores. 

How it is made is very ingenious.  It is made in four sections and each section has a pocket which are made out of coordinating fabric and then folded in half and laid right side up on the right side of the body of the bag.  Next contrasting strips are cut out and this is how the sections are not only connected BUT also the pockets are sew in at the same time...LOVE IT.  The bottom section and the straps are the same fabric as the connectors .  The straps are padded with batting and have an accent fabric down the middle.  For the chili pepper bag I chooses the bright yellow color in the main print.  Once the body is assembled, a 2" strip of the connecting fabric is added to the top of the bag. This gives it a REALLY nice finished look.  At this point, a piece of batting is cut out and quilted to the inside of the bag.  The bag is fully lined and the lining it is assembled the same way as the main body with a bottom on it.  A nice FLAT bottom.  I cut out this bag on Saturday but wanted a dark green pepper fabric for the side pockets so before I could finish it, it was going to require a trip to the fabric store.  While there, I found some FABULOUS carrot fabric on clearance so guess what my next bag is going to be????  Today I finished the bag and also got the flowers planted in the barrel planter by the door..... I enjoyed BOTH activities.  I also order some fabric this weekend from I find they have really nice fabric at a good price so I am looking forward to that being here soon.  More market bags perhaps???