What's in a name????

Sent away for some black batting which will work well in a lot of the projects I have planned but also wanted to use black for the French braid I made a new weeks ago (see April 30 & before blog entries).  I got the sandwich made and some of the quilting done on inside and outside of the yellow and orange twists.  As I was sewing I was contemplating what I should name this quilt.  Since it is a twist on the French braid quilt and it is a mishmash of green and blue background squares, some of them batiks, I thought about "Tropical Twist".  Along the same lines, are "Citrus Twist" since the quilt has an orange and yellow twist.  I hope to get the rest of the quilting done and the binding machine sewn on today.  Then tomorrow we are off to the Catskills to visit my 86 year old Dad!  I can take the quilt with me and finish the hand sewn part of the binding IF I manage to get it to that point today.  Tomorrow is also our 36th wedding anniversary!  Busy weekend ahead!