Made this purple fabric bowl yesterday.  The bowl has 5 different fabrics going on.  Since the lavender fabrics are fairly close in value, I wanted to see what a gradual change in color would look like.  The lavenders coordinated with the print that I used for the stripe.  I did a "once around" with the lime at the top and bottom of the print stripe to add a bit of pop to the bowl.   I consider this size bowl a large.

Since I launched my website it seems that I spend as much time on other related activities to my business as I do on actually making items.  Last week I tried to add a new gallery for the fabric bowls & coasters.  Ended up not having any galleries at all - OOPS!   Sent out an SOS to myweb wizards at Witchtia Webmasters they fixed it and then they set up the gallery for me.  Yesterday I populated it with the coasters and bowls I have been working on.  This means tweaking photos and sometimes retaking photos, uploading, and since I am on both facebook and Pinterest, placing photos of the new items and gallery out there.  I enjoying blogging but it is a real struggle for me to keep up with all of this technology.  It is even more of a challenge since we do not have high speed internet.  We hook up to the internet though our cell phone network.... we have an air card - a very unreliable air card.  We upgraded the card this weekend and so is working MUCH better so here's to better days ahead with the new air card and the upgrade!  The new gallery "Fabric Bowls & Coasters" is now populated which I am very happy about.  It's all good!!!!