Took advantage of the rainy weather yesterday to make some balsam pillows.  The first one I made out of this fun cat fabric I put cut the center square from the cat fabric at an odd angle and then sewed the blue fabric to the side.  I then used that angles as a template to but the top and bottom blue stripes so that when the yellow corners where added they would follow the same angle as the pillow center.  This took a lot of time and fussing about.  The next two I decided to make like a crazy quilt block. I cut out two 7.1/2" squares from the red and dot fabric and two smaller squares from the cat fabric.  .  Once the fabrics were all piled on top o one another with the cat fabric on top, I made two cuts vertically and two buts horizontally making what looked like a funky 9 patch, with the center square where the cat fabric was placed much larger than the side squares.  The sides ended up rectangular and the cornerstones were small squares.  I then switched around the corner stones so that the contrasting fabric to the rectangles would appear and then sewed the seams.  I now have to large squares of the red and dot fabric left over since I substituted the cat fabric for those center squares and they can be used for another purpose.  I made  pillows out of these cat blocks and stuffed them with balsm...wha-la!