Making a list and checking it twice!

Back in August I blogged about the flurry of activity surrounding getting my booth ready for my first outdoor show.  During my booth consult with my friend Lydia, who has done tons of these shows,we figured out that my booth will have a 6 foot table along the back and another 6 foot table along the side.  My DH built me a 5 foot long box to set on the back of the table so the display would have two levels.  I set the tables up this past weekend and arranged what inventory I currently had and then made a list of what I still need to make to fill in the gaps.  It became obvious once I looked at that back table that there was not only a need for more fabric bowl but more light colored bowls. 

I had this tutti fruity fabric in my stash  which has many different colored bright round shapes on it so I thought it would make a bit of a splash of color as part of the bowl display.  On Pinterest I have seen many, many coiled fabric baskets of all shapes and sizes and with all sorts of added trims to make them more visually pleasing.  One of the trims that I liked was this coiled fabric rosette so I set myself to figure out how they did it and add one to a this bowl.  It was fun.  Once I had gotten the basket to the size I wanted, I left a few feet of cord unattached to the basket.  I then went to the end of it and started coiling it up in the other direction the same way one starts a basket.  I thought it was rather cute and clever.  I sewed a red button onto the middle of the rosette and then sewed around the outside of it, attaching it to the basket.   I was very pleased with myself that I had figured out how to do this. 

The next lighter colored basket I made combined a day lily fabric with a black swiss dot.  I made this basket oval so there would be more variety to the baskets I am taking to the show.  When I looked at the finished product the basket reminded me of a lovely late summer field of flowers with day lilies and black-eyed susans.   In fact I liked the combination so much I made 2 matching coasters.  The next batch of baskets I make will be holiday themed since I plan on having a holiday corner in my booth.   I knew this was going to be a lot of work but it puts me in a place of really focusing on my work which will hopefully take me to the next level. 


the rosette is nice.   your technique sounds good. 
myself, I guess I'm a purist and just leave the bowls plain .,,,,,   though when I see really cool buttons on clearance I am tempted to buy some.... 
your color combos are great.  I know you are going to do great at the garlic fest!

P,S,   I love the riser on the table.  good job T

I like it too!  My DH will be making me a smaller one for my holiday table which will be on the left as one enters my booth.  I will pass on your thumbs up to Mr. White! 

Hi Margaret:

Thanks for your encouraging words.   I have only done one bowl with this type of trim so far.  I am going to wait and see people's reaction to it before I make more.  I do like the way if finishes the bowl...very clean!  It was nice to find a comment on my blog today that I could actually publish - I have had to delete over 300 comments...all of them spam!  Making a Christmas themed backet same saize as the very fisr basket we made together!  Cheers!