Duds and fluffies

I managed to get 40 of the crazy quilt blocks made yesterday and was down to making the last four and did not have a large enough scrap of the main fabric to cut a 7" block out of.  Know how you feel when you get to the bottom of the popcorn bowl and all that is left are the duds and no fluffies?  Not that the other fabrics are duds, they aren't, what I am talking about here is the feeling of disappointment but I did manage to cut 2 corner pieces out of the main fabric scraps and layered them on top of my stack of 7" squares ot the 4 other  fabrics (see photo on the left) and then cut along the edge of these pieces and the middle section I cut in the same way as the previous blocks.  My intention here was to substitute the floral fabric in the corner for one of the other fabrics which would then put the floral fabric into 2 of the remaining 4 blocks.  They second photo is of a grouping of 4 of the blocks together.  Now the fun begins.....doing the layout of the blocks for the vest.  I knew I would need a large surface for doing this and my cutting table which is 4' X 8' is where I usually do this type of work.  An hour later, once I got the cutting table cleared off (it is a flat surface so like all flat surfaces in my house, it accumulates an annoying amount of clutter), I could begin the funnist (attention grammar police) part of the project, playing with the blocks and watching all the interesting pattens they make.  Once I got them arranged to my liking I put a small sticker on the top on each row indicating where it belongs since I plan on sewing them together in horizontal rows and did not want to get them mixed up.  I managed to get the left front rows sewn together before it was time to start cooking dinner.  YEAH!