I am not a slacker

It would appear looking at the date of my last blog entry that I am a total slacker, which is not the case.  MANY technical difficulties on the blog resulted in not being able to post photos.  I found it very difficult to describe things without a visual.  There are still some technical  problems but I am very pleased that the blog/photo issue has been resolved.  Yesterday I made these 2 fabric bowls.  I have been building up my inventory in preparation for a show I will be doing in July.  I took inventory  and saw that I needed a few more oval shaped bowls.  I made an apron and had some of this swiss black dot left over so I combined it with the yellow print and made a fairly decent size oval bowl.  Since there was still some on the yellow print left, why not make another one with a bit more contract and yes, a yellow stripe.  The top bowl was the result.

I am not a professional photographer so I am always experimenting on better ways to photography my work.  I like using natural light whenever possible.  These photographs were taken out on the back deck.  I personally like the top photo with the all wood background.  Once winter is upon again and there is a foot of snow on my deck this will not be an option but for now, this is a good plce to stage myu work to take photographs of it.