We're back!!!!!


Aren't vacations wonderful things, especially when you get to go to a part of the country you have never seen before.   I have heard all about how beautiful northern New Mexico is but until you are actually there,...there are just no words for it.   I grew up in upstate NY in the Catskills Mts. and have lived in New England most of my adult life so lush and green is what I as use to.  I can now see what people move to SAnta Fe.  The light there is very different than here and I am delighted I got to go.  Our trip was a delightful mix of spending time at the Plaza in Santa Fe checking out the shop and going to the Georgia O'Keefe and the New Mexico Museum of Art   We also had the opportunity to visit Taos and see the Rio Grande in all its splendor.  We also visited many old churches and did some hiking and sampled the local cuisine.  When we got home I discover that our computer had been infiltrated by a trojan attack so no computer for a few days.  I am still getting back into the swing of things but did want to post a photo of the fabrics I purchased so I could make a Santa Fe themed bowl.  I am really looking forward to making a bowl out of this beautiful bright fabrics.  It looks like it may end up being a private commission but more on that later.