How exciting, a private commission for a bowl using the fabrics I brought home from Santa Fe!  Also, a new challenge, making a fabric bowl that has a glass hard can that be?  The glass bowl measured 4" at the base, is 7" across the top and is 4" high.   Now, to design it.  How about a blue base, then the main fabric.  Next, an orange stripe, then the mail fabric again and finish it off with blue along the top...NICE!  I checked several time while making the bowl if the glass bowl fit inside and it did, up to a point.  Part way up the sides, it started to no longer fit snuggly and was a bit to wide.  I was tiling the bowl at as steep of an angle as I could hoping ti would narrow down a but but it didn't and ended up being 8" across the top rather than 7"....darn!  All the checking to make sure it was fitting was also VERY time consuming   But, it is an attractive bowl and I can sell it at the show I am doing on July 12th.  I made a few notes on how I could approach it differently which included making the sides steeper immediately rather than gradually and cut more strips from the Santa Fe fabrics.  On my second attempt I thought I would start out with the orange fabric  then have a wide stripe of blue than the main fabric and then reverse the colors ending with the orange.   One again, I got to the same point as I did in the other bowl and it was no long fitting the glass bowl snugly.  What should I do different.  One thing for sure, I need to change fabrics until I have this figured out or I am not going to be able to fill the commission using the fabrics the customer wanted. 

How about doing some research?  Its' a Wrap II said that to do what I was trying to do that the bowl needed to have a wide enough base in order to be able to tilt it at a steep enough angle and up and over tha sewing mahine or it just wasn't going to work.  On my third attempt , a multi colored bowl with an orange stripe, I placed my fingers under the bowl and tried to lift it up a bit to get a steeper angle.  This was VERY difficult to do and once again, the bowl was too wide at the top.  You would think at this point I would have quit but I am sometimes under the delusion that I can figure things out so, try, try again.  This bowl was a lovely cherry blossom fabric and as you can see from the photo, if fit snugley except for that last 2 inches.  The 4 bowls I had made attempting to get them to fit the glass liner where all  very attractive but basically they all ended up being the same size.  I HATE admitting defeat but what I was attempting to do was not possible, the glass bowls base was just to narrow.  I needed a bigger bowl and the customer didn't have one.  I spotted a larger clear plastic bowl at a discount department store and so I purchased it and showed it to the customer.  They were delighted but I wasn't about to have it not fit so I used the cherry blossom fabric again and YES, success at last,  The larger photo shows the plastic liner fitting it like a glove..  I love that cherry blossom fabric and I am going to offer it for sale with the liner so I will pick up another plastic liner and finally be able to deliver something to my customer.  Fortunately they are very patient people



Ahh. So the secret is the base of the inner bowl!!!!! Great job!!!!!

Sort of, what the book said is that the inner bowl has to be fairly large to allow it to tilt up and over the sewing machine for the proper angle of the sides. If the smaller bowl had shorter sides, that would have worked but the more rows I added, the larger the circumference of the bowl keep getting and it was soon larger than the 7" across and I could not tilt it up high enough to keep it from getting larger and larger. Now I know!