Sometimes the solution is right in front of your nose

Last week when I was reorganizing and taking stock of my  stash I unearthed many fabrics that I felt would make good coiled fabric coasters and bowls.  I hadn't made a bowl in over a month so today was the day!   A good piece of advice that my friend Margaret gave me back when I  first started making bowls was it you aren't sure how it's going to look. before you commit yourself to an entire bowl, make a test coaster.  I pulled two fabrics that I felt complimented each other and did just that.  It did make a nice coater but I could see that it would be a bit boring as a bowl.  The dark print is VERY multi-colored and has a bit of metallic gold in it which not only gave me, a good size palate to choose from but it also is very rich looking.   Why not add a little  eggplant and blue sapphire so I went digging and digging through my stash and finally found some small scrapes that color...yes!   

Since I had a very large piece of the dark fuchsia, it was going to need to be the base.  I then switched to the multi colored print and did 4 rows with that.  Of all the fabrics, the one that was going to make this pop was the blue sapphire so I felt I would do that one last right before I ended up with the multi print on top.  I got to that point and had just started wrapping the multi colored print and realized that the bowl was nice but it definitely lacked pizzazz.  

On my sewing table there is a fabric bowl with leftover stripes and other scrapes from various projects.  As I was looking over the bowl right before I started sewing the last two rows and finishing it, my eyes landed on my scrape bowl and right on top was a 2" x 28" piece of a lighter fuchsia colored scrape.  HOLY COW!  It was the EXACT same color as the color in the bowl and I could see immediately it was the missing link that was going to made this puppy really POP!.. It was perfect.  I had just enough to go around the bowl twice and then I ended it with the multi colored fabric.  That fabric was sitting there in that pile of scrapes the entire time I was making the bowl.   Sometimes the solution to a problems is sitting there right in front of your nose...and yes, that is a cliche' but in my case, a very true one!