Cat in a basket

AH YES, my first post for 2015!  The photo is of a needle felted cat I commissioned fellow Shelburne Arts Co-op member, Lynn Perry to make for me.  She recently started making felted animals and as soon as I saw them in the store, I knew I had to have her take a stab at a gray curled up cat as a gift for my daughter.  I sent her a photo of my daughter's cat, Caspian, who is almost a pure blooded Russian Blue.  This is the first cat Lynn has ever attempted to make and I feel she did a pretty good job!  As soon as I got him home, I made that little basket he is sleeping in.   I had looked high and low for a gray stuffed cat of some sort or another and had no luck at all finding one so I am glad Lynn was willing to make this one.  I think that these sleeping cats are adorable and would sell well so maybe this might be the start of a sleeping cat in a basket partner ship..WHO KNOWS?  I like giving one of a kind gifts to people and I was glad I could talk Lynn into helping out this year.