You know when the dust is an inch think and the floor is so littered with fabric scraps and the rest of the detritus of sewing you can no longer see it that it is time to clean the sewing room.  This always starts out with folding and putting away fabric from previous projects.  This started yesterday along with some floor cleaning.  OMG!!!!  Day # 2....finish cleaning the floor and then force myself to sort some scraps.  Like any person who sews a lot, I have mountains of scraps.  Every place I look there are scraps.  The question always is, how do I sort them and which ones are worth saving.  

The larger scraps I sort with fabrics that are from the same project with the idea that they can be used to make another apron, coiled fabric basket, etc.  Ever those are difficult to deal with but not as bad as the smaller scraps.  I had this box of small scraps sitting on the lower shelf of my thread cabinet.  I have not looked in this box for YEARS!!!!  The idea was to keep the scraps that could possibly be made into  small fabric baskets and chuck the rest.  I unearthed this vintage Laurel Burch fabric "Jungle Song".  This fabric is rare and out of print so obviously I am not going  to pitch it.   I set it aside with 4 other fabric scraps that went with it and the bottom 2 photos are the 2 small oval coiled baskets I made from these scraps.  

In the time it took me to post the photo of the waste basket with the scraps on facebook in and and make those 2 small bowls, I had a comment from a fellow fiber artist, Jane Chang on my face book page......NO, No,NO.  No scrap is to small to throw out.  If that is the case, I am going to have to rent a storage locker just for my scraps!  I have offered to send her a envelope since she feels she can make something fabulous from them and knowing Jane, I am sure she can.  In the mean time, I am pleased that I have started the process of dealing with my scraps.  I hope to take this on and by this time next month have dealt with most of them.  Wish me luck!