Maine Blueberries

In preparation for a trip up to Maine on Sunday, blueberries was the theme this week.  A miss-cut of the blueberry fabric resulted in a different design than usual for a colorblock apron.  Rather than 2 side by side 14 1/2" blocks, there was a need for smaller blocks so the 14 1/2 inch block were placed in the center of the design flanked my two smaller matching blocks.  When mistakes like this are made the fabric is never tossed aside, I just roll up my sleeves and come up with a different design.  There was not enough of any of the contrasting fabrics to make a pocket for the ble side so I did a little patchwork.  There were enough scraps of matching fabrics that I could get a 6" square cut out of them so the bib on the color block side ended up as a crazy quilt.  5- 5 1/2 inch blocks. - three across and then two across centering the two in the middle of the 3 across row.  I had enough on the green fabric to made a pocket for the colorblock side and since it was the same color as the block I as sewing it onto, it did not interfere with the overall design of the colorblock side of the apron. 

Time to leave and go work at the Shelburne Co-op today.  Cheers!