Chili peppers galore

How did it get to be Saturday already???  I see that my last entry was last weekend....oops.  So, I did get the insul-bright and I did get the hot pads made.  On Monday morning I was all set to take a photo of them and the battery in the camera was dead.  Photo session was going to have to wait.  I finally got  to the store on Tuesday and made the executive decision to invest in a battery charger.  They rest of the week was spent working on balsam pillows and sachets.  Since I am doing the Snow Farm "seconds" sale in November I not only made up some original designs which were bright and festive, I also made some sachets out of more traditional balsam fabrics (what I refer to as moose and squirrel).  I will put both types of fabric in the Snow Farm sale and see which sells the best so I will know better what to make next year.  Finally got the pictures taken and edited of some of the hot pads.  The log cabin block (bottom left) is what I usually use when making matching hot pads for the chili pepper aprons but decided to go a little nuts this time!

I have been taking a lot of  kidding this week about having a hurricane named after me.  What can I tell ya....I'm on my way up the coast and I'm feeling a bit cranky!  Time to batten down the hatches!