Some assembly required

It's a lot of fun to make a baby quilt but it is even more fun when it is being made specifically for someone.  My niece Emily is expecting her second child and the ultrasound has indicated that it is a girl so this quilt is for her.  I always like to check that I am doing things correctly so before I cut out the entire quilt, I cut out enough to be able to assemble one block.  When I first began quilting, it was strongly recommend that one do this.  A single block requires 4 black triangles and 4 kites form 4 different fabrics.  First one sews a black triangle to the left side of each of the kites.  Next, two of these units are sewn together which gives you half a block, and then the two halves are sewn together which gives you the completed block.  The completed block is 10 1/2 " square.  I did slip up and sew the black triangle to the wrong side of one of the kites but now I see how to set this up like an assembly line and just start feeding them through.  I can see the large pile of triangles and kites and it is obvious that this in going to take a while to get them all sewn together but my test block did come out so at this point, I have the entire quilt cut and and am ready to go.




I gave a big shout out on 1/17/13 on my blog to Wichita Webmasters who are the folks who helped me design my site.  I included a blog on my site so I could share my experiences with whatever I am currently working on and also a place to share other  people's comments in the hopes of it becoming a place of interest for quilters, fiber artists and other people who sew.  Most people I have met who sew, love sharing their interest with others and the hope is that people will share their experiences though their comments.  I always encourage and enjoy feedback about my work and various projects.  I am not all that computer interest lies in sewing and design, so I am afraid I cannot make any suggestions about your compatibility problems.  I don't know if Wichita Webmasters can help you out since they did not set up your site or are hosting it.  My blog entry about them gives their contact info and also some insight into the design of my site.  I am sure the would enjoying hearing about how much you like the looks of my blog.

BTW, I am curious on how you happened upon my did you find me?