The hearts have it

Still hard at work getting all the valentine merchandise ready.  There is a Valentine show at the Shelburne Arts Co-op which will be going up the end of January so I wanted to make something special for that.  I found some interesting scrapes for sale this summer and the large leaf fabric in one of them.  Combined with the dark teal batik, it makes an interesting background for a valentine themed hot pad, balsam pillow and a 4" sachet.  I used a simple zig-zag to applique the hearts in place.  The overall effect is dark but bold due to the contrast between the background fabrics and the VERY hot red.  I did not know what use I would put the leaf fabric to when I purchased it but I am always attracted to jewel tones and Valentine's Day seems the appropriate place for jewel tones.  The hot pad is simply the 6" balsam pillow block with a border.  The 4" sachet is a simple 4 patch.  A good rule of thumb is that with fabrics this bold, it is best to keep the design simple.