you can never have enough bibs

Last Sunday, us ladies from the Shelburne Arts Co-op threw fellow member, Jen Luck, a baby shower.  The best part of the shower was seeing all the nice things these creative ladies made for the baby.  I made "Squirt" 3  reversible baby bibs.  Jen confessed upon opening them that she had purchased one of my bibs recently but as a Mom, I knew one can never have enough bibs.  She then further flattered me when she divulged that she had also purchased one of my reversible children's aprons, "for later".  Since my inventory of bibs was now some somewhat  depleted, it was time to make some.  So, off to the bib fabric cubby for some picking and choosing!

Several years ago, my friend Ulla, who I had made a my first quilt with, mailed me a pattern for this baby bibs that she had been making and gifting.  What arrived was a brown paper bag cut-out.  She had explained to me that it was meant to be reversible. I have no idea when she stumbled upon this design but she is who I got it from.  What I liked about this bib was that it was large enough to give good coverage, unlike a lot of these tiny,cutesy bibs I have seen.  I immediately folded it in half and traced it onto plastic to make a template and cut it out.  The next step is to find 2 fabrics that play well together, since the bib is reversible. The pictured bib is a tri-colored bib which has two matching colors on one side and another of flipside.  When the two 2 sides of the bib are sewn together, the very bottom is left open so that the bib can be turned right side out through the opening  Once the bib has been turned right side out, the edge seam is pressed flat and the open edge is turned under and pressed.  The bottom of the bib will be closed when the bib it top stitched all the way around the edge.  The last thing one needs to do is cut out a small piece of velcro and attach it to the flaps at the on one side and one on the other. The nice thing about making the bib reversible is that it makes it more absorbent and it will not need washing as often since it has two sides so one is getting two bibs for the price of one....COOL BEANS!  The other nice thing about making baby bibs is all the fun fabric one gets to play with.  Shopping for baby bib fabric is truly one of the pleasures in life!


I made a pattern  from one of the bibs that I liked. Have used it to make oodles of bibs to give away at baby showers
and made some jack-o-lantern ones for halloween. I like the idea that I can cut them out with the batting inbetween
and sew a bunch of them within an hour. Easy and fun and practical.  - Ulla

Good to hear from you Ulla.  I think what you did to come up with a pattern is very common.  Once I started making these bibs, I started noticing other bib designs but like you said, there is a certain simplicity to this particular pattern that I like!  Thanks for your comment!