A few changes

What I feel is the most interesting thing about my website is the blog so the blog is now the home page on my site.  In order to eliminate some of the spam that the site has been getting in the form of comments on my blog, a Captcha module has been installed.  This will allow people who are actually HUMAN visitors to comment....one more step to make a comment but a whole lot less aggravation for the Sandy.  Thank you for your understanding.

One of the organizations that I am a member of is the Shelburne Arts Cooperative which you might have read in my Biography on the "About Me" page.  Their February newsletter is out.... Here is the link   https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?shva=1#inbox/13c8c8495c2d729f .  Not only is the newsletter visually appealing but it featured pictures of some of my Valentine merchandise, a pleasant surprise!  So, check it out!

I am looking for a new name for my Blog other than just plain old "sandy's blog" and would welcome any suggestions people might have.  Stay tuned for some more special surprises in February!