Happy Birthday to ME!

What better way to celebrate ones birthday than by giving ones customer a great deal, which I am doing in honor of my birthday, which is today.  ALL my adult aprons are on sale for the ENTIRE month on February....a good deal indeed since you are getting 2 aprons from the price of one since they are reversible AND also 20% off the price that is stated on line so a $36 apron would sell for $28.80. BUT, (why is there always a but?) I still have to keep the stores that carry my merchandise supplied so I needed to make up a few aprons tout suite!

I was straightening up my fabric stash the other day and found this really fun print with it's matching fabric and KNEW it would make a terrific apron  It has postage cancelation stamps, the London Bridge, the Eiffel Tower, you name it...so I ended up calling it "Global Trotting".  I can't even recall when I actually purchased theses fabrics.  I still needed a couple of more aprons, so this morning I cut out and assembled 2 more.  I do remember purchasing these fabrics and REALLY liking the combination of the pink swirly fabric which I purchased to combine with the dark purple print.  If I want to use the scraps that are left over from making an apron, what I usually do IF I can find a coordinating fabric, I purchase 1 yard of a third coordinating fabric at the same time so I can then get a tri-colored apron out of that third fabric along with the scrapes from the first apron.  I was lucky enough at the time to find that third fabric right then and there.  Since I have put all the aprons I currently have on-line, on sale, I needed to make quick work of it so I can get these aprons delivered to the stores this weekend.  I named the purple and pink aprons "Noble Family". Since my camera could not capture the subtlety of any of these fabrics, unfortunately they will not be sold on-line  They need to be observed in person to truly be appreciated.