Day of reckoning

We all in some way or another have a day of reckoning.  Mine comes when I have to clean out the refrigerator or clean off my cutting table.  Today was cutting table day.  It is the day that I pay for my habit of not picking up after myself.  No one wants to see a picture of my messy cutting table which has to be cleared off so here is a picture of my daughter Meagan and methis  weekend out celebrating my birthday!  I mentioned a few days ago that this month is my birthday and in honor of it.....20% off all adult aprons!

Laying out the backing, batting and the quilt top one on top of the other is sometimes referred to as "making the sandwich".  It is the last step before quilting.  It requires a large flat service and my cutting table is where this sort of thing gets done but before this happens it needs to be dirt and clutter free.  One usually unearths something during these cleaning sessions.  This time it was my 28 mm rotary cutter...YEAH!  Since my husband Tim had been down in the basement recently sanding and painting what became my design wall, there was a bit more dirt and grit than usual.  I was feeling particularly ambitious so I even got out the vacuum cleaner.  So...what else is in the basement?  A small bathroom w/shower, the laundry, a walk in storage area, a cubby storage area under stairs for my fabric stash, the man cave and the clock shop.  That's right, my husband is a clock maker.  The man cave gets cleaned every 5 years or so(not by me) whether it needs it or not.  It got cleaned a little over a year ago so it's safe to say that I am not holding my breath for it to be vacuumed and dusted any time soon!  BUT, the cutting table area is now open for business......better work fast, it tends to be a real clutter magnet!!!!