Happy Valentine's Day

The sun is out, it's turkey mating season - trust me , I know because there is a large herd that lives in the woods around my house so that is why it is a bit noisy here on Fay Road. I have been working on the binding on the baby quilt when I set down to watch television but no new projects!  Paper work will be the name of the game until I get the tax information organized and off to the CPA.  BUT I thought I would take a picture of the cubbies under the stairs in my basement to show how some of my stash is stored.  That's right, this is just part of it!  I use to store my fabric in plastic tubs with lids but it was VERY difficult to find what I was looking for so I asked my hubby to build me some cubbies.  If I purchase fabric that coordinates, once I wash it, I fold it up and store it together.  The fabric I purchase is always on sale......the only time I purchase something full price is if I need a very specific color to work into a design such as a hot pad, I will purchase a fat quarter.   I also have a unit that has draws and shelves and that is also full of fabric. The real challenge is keeping it all organized, especially the scraps.  The bottom middle cubby is where the baby bib fabric is stored.  Scrapes and fat quarters are stored on the top of each row.  Not the best system in the world but I does make the fabric more accessible.

I got a letter the other week from my friend Margaret, who makes fabric bowls.  A friend had passed away and the husband has offered his wife's stash to her.  She has not gone through it yet but said that when she does, she would keep an eye out for fabric that I might be able to use.

Always happy to bring more fabric into the fold....smiley


Hi Sandy, I too have stopped using the covered plastic totes for my fabrics, just couldn't keep track of what lived where.  The exception is the assorted strips of fabrics I have from making my fabric wrapped  bowls.  I dump all the leftover strips in a tote, and occasionally sort them in whatever fashion strikes my mood [this week I was inspired by the bright colors of Mardi Gras] then stitch up a bowl or two.  I keep my solids on one set of shelves for easy access, and when I see some fabrics that just seem to be made for each other I set them aside for a future project.  I'm on my way downstairs to pull fabrics together for a patchwork Scotty dog pillow I am making for my great-niece's 2nd birthday next month.  I love the under stairs cubbies Tim made for you.  xoxo m

Thanks for your comment Margaret.  Glad you like the cubbies and my stash!  Can't wait to peruse your stash some day.  I try not to get embarrassed by the amount of fabric I have.  What's under the stairs is just part of it.  Since I live in the boonies I keep telling myself that I can't just pop out to the fabric store for a bit or this or that so I NEED all this fabric.  What I use the plastic tubs for now is when I get done with a project, I put all the scrapes from it (since they all go together) into a baggie and into the plastic tub it goes.  With the price of fabric, I don't throw out much!  You never know when you might need that little piece of yellow, orange, blue, or red for another project.....RIGHT?