Scrap Challenge

Ever had one of those days?  That was me yesterday afternoon.  I was busy working on my scrap challenge and was cutting out and pressing the backing for all the balsam pillows. sachets and hot pads that I had made the fronts out of from the scraps and that was going well.  Then it was time to start sewing the backs onto the balsam hot pads.  The backing is a black solid so to make the backing 2 pieces that will overlap need to be cut out and then hemmed.  Next I placed them properly with the overlap and placed the black ribbon I use for the hanger in the corner and attached it.   After ripping the backing off of the first hot pad 3 times do to various and sundry problems, I quit for the day.

This morning went much better.  I managed to get all the backings sewn onto everything including balsam hot pads.   Once we get the driveway clear (all 200 yards of it) I will be able to get out to the garage and begin drying out more balsam since I ran out of what I have on hand while I was stuffing everything this morning.  The picture is of what I have managed to get stuffed with needles so far!  I didn't use up all the scraps but I did manage to get 4 hotpads , 4 pillows and 12 sachets out of that pile of scraps!  Not bad.