Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone.  We are kicking back after a wonderful Easter dinner and my husband Tim is snuggled down under the very first quilt I ever made.  My daughter we rather young at the time so the first strip-pieced quilt I ever made was a twin size flannel scrap quilt I made for her with my friend Ulla.  Some of the fabric Ulla provided and some of it was from a very old receiving blanket that had been given to Meagan when she was a baby.  The pink squares (since there wasn't enough scrapes to make an entire quilt) was purchased for the project.  The backing...a flannel sheet.  We assembled the quilt top in an entire weekend.  Once I had made the sandwich with the top, batting and backing, I basted the entire quilt by hand.  After that, I mailed it off to my friend and she processed to quilt it.  Once that done, I put on the binding and it then lived in my daughter's room until she left for college.  It now provides our guests and my husband a little warmth on chilly evenings. smiley





Tim sure looks comfy! 

We ran out of wood for the wood stove so the quilts are getting LOTS of use.  This one, since it is flannel is especially cozy!  It was made with love which always helps you keep warm!  Thanks for your comment Cindy!

I'm just reading this - I remember the quilt and Tim looks comfy even though he's covered in pink :-)
I did not process the quilt YOU did Sandy !!!
It's been about 14 years or so but after you send it to me - I put on the binding !

Real men don't mind pinkwink .  You did do all the quilting Ulla, I remember how impressed I was that you stitched all the way around EVERY square (which you told me was called stitching in the ditch) and how fast you got it done!  Projects are always a lot more fun when you have someone to share them with.  Thanks for the trip down memory lane...doesn't seem like it was so long ago but it was!