Two halves make a whole

Making the BlocksYesterday was spent sewing together the triangle/kite units into TWO triangle/kite units which is a half block.  As I mentioned in a previous post, there are 4 colors (lime green, dark turquoise, magenta and and gold).  Each color is represented by two prints.  The finished block has a representative from each color group - this quilt is all about diversity.  I did dose off once and attach one of the turquois units to the other turquois unit (different prints) but that was basically the only ripping out I had to do.  When I am using my own pattern or using a pattern that I have found but substituting fabrics I have chosen there is always a bit more ripping out.  I am getting better at visualizing how something is going to look once it is put together but what happens sometimes, even though I spent time planning things out is I run out of a given color or print which means I then have to work in another fabric.  If is is an accent fabric it doesn't have to be woven into the overall patten of the blocks (I make mostly scrap quilts) but if it isn't, I want the new fabric to have proper representation so it is sometimes necessary to rip apart a few blocks and have the new fabric pit hit for one of the other fabrics in some of the blocks and then working the pieces that it is substituting for into the over design of the quilt.  Sewing from a kit is a no brainer, and as one can see what is there on the sewing table are two half blocks ready to be sewn together with each color represented.  Hope to get all the halves sewn together today. 


I saw in one of your photos that you have a Pfaff sewing machine.  I am looking for a new doo you like your pfaff?

Thanks for your question Joe.  I have a reconditioned Pfaff 2042 quilter and I love it except for one thing, the light bulb is bloody difficult to change.